What is 15 Minute Manifestation & why people so trendy and Crazy over it

15 Minute Manifestation is a product created by Eddie Sergey. It is a breakthrough personal development product that allows you to literarily reprogram your subconscious mind to allow you to manifest the life of your dreams.

If I were to pick up only one personal development product when on a tight budget, I’d definitely choose 15 Minute Manifestation. Simply because it gives me something that other products can’t give.

Now, let us understand what this product is all about and how does it impact our lives by simply tuning the subconscious portion of our brain.

At one point in my life I was in a complete financial turmoil and my life was in disarray. Neither did I see a way out of it nor did I know what to do.

At this point, you might be thinking that I am just one of the sales guy convincing you to buy this product; but believe me you’d be dead wrong to think this way! For me, it wasn’t even the 15 Minute Manifestation that helped me and put me on the right track in life.

It was a guy named Eddie Sergey.

During the post-recession period, unemployment rate was high. And this led to a substantial cut in wages. I was desperate to do ANYTHING just to earn more for a living. Not to mention that I was already in a cloud of negativity and low energy.

I read many books on law of attraction, took courses on manifestation and personal development. I even took therapist session. Neither the therapist nor the courses were of any use. I got lost without any clue of my dreams or goals.

Then I came across this guy – a multimillionaire entrepreneur who claimed to have cracked the code to communicate with the subconscious mind and bring it in tune with the conscious portion of the brain. Or as he called it, “UPGRADE THE SOFTWARE”.

Eddie used the scientific concepts to correlate our thoughts, and hence our brain to the tiniest of particle, the sub-atomic particle. He devised a technique to focus energy waves around us to create a sense of positivity.

He explained how “THE EDITOR” or the subconscious part of the brain limits our abilities and keeps us away from abundance by distracting our attention. And that there is a way to naturally reprogram this subconscious mind to lead us to the natural state of abundance.

But more than that, what impressed me the most was his own story. (you can learn about his personal story Click here ). He had a very rough childhood and it was unbelievable how he overcame the hardships of his life through this technique he discovered and developed since he was nine years old.

I will not bore you with the deep research Eddie did on brain science and how he co-created the 15 Minute Manifestation together with a team of NLP and hypnosis experts.

The bottom line is that if you are looking for a product to scientifically “re-wire” your subconscious brain, then you can trust 15 minute manifestation where you only have to listen to audio tracks unlike other courses which ask you to do endless writing or read ebooks that bore you to death unnecessarily.

I got to try the first audio track to listen for 15 minutes a day for a week and I must say that those 15 minutes proved to be the greatest investment of my life and I mean it.

I could feel the change within the first week and then I began to realize what he used to talk about. I was so motivated by the results that I took the complete course of 21 days.

15 Minute Manifestation is NOT woo-woo, made-up or hocus-pocus nonsense. It is NOT one of those crappy, rehashed, useless junk programs which just deceive people to get their money. Neither is it “Think positive and the world will serve it to you” sort of thing.

15 Minute Manifestation also comes with a 60 days no-questions-asked money back guarantee.

But it does come with some CONS too.

15 Minute Manifestation yields proper results when you follow the course and listen to the audio tracks daily for the entire period of 21 days. You may be able to feel the change earlier but if you believe in overnight results, then there is no such thing as overnight success.

So if you’re one of those individuals who just collects programs and doesn’t do anything with the information inside them, I would advise not to waste your money. This program is for dedicated and serious people only, who TRULY want to improve their lives!

The above are my personal comments. It is not endorsed or approved by 15 Minute Manifestation or Eddie Sergey.

What you get from 15 Minute Manifestation

15 Minute Manifestation is a program that takes you just 15 minutes a day.
The audio tracks area unit created exploitation hemispheric-synchronization technology audio that speaks on to your subconscious, to assist you eliminate limiting beliefs.
It’s mingling with high-quality, real nature looks like rain, ocean waves, stream beds and wind, for a very distinctive and immersive listening expertise.
Take it with you anyplace you go. hear it whereas you’re within the sleeping room or quiet in nature.
yoga 15 Minute Meditation

Track 1: Your Natural State

During the primary week, 15-Minute Manifestation can begin to open your mind up to the state of nature of unlimited abundance.
it’ll tell your subconscious mind that you just haven’t got to “work hard” to form abundance.
Instead, it’ll dissolve the limiting beliefs and stories that at presently PUSHING AWAY what you actually wish.
“Your Natural State” resets your brain to the condition it had been in once you were born: wealthy with endless possibility… Not endless inadequacy.
man-sunset 15 Minute Meditation

Track 2: Your New Story.

Your recent story has been sabotaging the money breakthroughs you recognize you must have already knowledgeable about.
So, once your subconscious “learns” your NEW story, all of the negative circumstances that wont to own your attention.
Simply naturally fall away, and acquire replaced with what you actually wish.
And clearly, the a lot of you observe, in your current reality, what you actually wish, the quicker you’ll gain an unbelievable quantity of momentum towards getting… a lot of of that! a lot of of everything you’ve been dreaming of, since, well… forever..
How to Manifest Something Overnight with Mind

Track 3: Moving Towards Abundance

Now that The Editor is returning from its wild of unlimited risk, you’re going to begin consciously “playing” at the side of your experience of reality.
But here’s one issue you really have to be compelled to bear in mind of: your attention is either moving you towards one issue, or off from one issue.
but either approach, you’re unceasingly manifesting where your attention is, right now.So, Track 3, “Moving Towards Abundance” helps focus your attention on telling your new story of abundance and prosperity.

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